Publikation Soziale Bewegungen / Organisierung Basic social security as a political concept and socio-political problem





Lutz Brangsch,


Oktober 2003

Zugehörige Dateien

Propositions for approaches to a common European socio-political strategy in the light of the German experience

Socio-political debates often focus on the differences between the social security systems within the EU area. This might be one of the reasons for the continued dearth of joint left positions on the future of social security. The following propositions are an attempt to highlight common features in the development of social policy in Germany and other European countries, particularly within the EU, in order to pinpoint the problem shared by all our countries.

  1. In practically all European countries ‘social security reforms’ are going beyond any mere tinkering with or phasing out of individual elements of social security. They represent a total break with the existing system. The objective is to bring about a fundamental change in the reproductive conditions of labour as a commodity in conjunction with a fundamental realignment of the balance of social power. What we are dealing with here, therefore, is not an old society with new social security systems but a whole new society. ...

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