Publikation Demokratischer Sozialismus - Gesellschaftstheorie »Debating Multitude«: Ten Notes

by Rainer Rilling. policy paper 1/2005 of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung.



Policy Paper


Rainer Rilling,


April 2005

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The book »Multitude« resumes the thinking process about the order of capitalism within »the era of armed globalization« (p. 231), perceived by its authors as post-modern, post-fordist and above all imperial and thus spatial, temporary and socially derestricted. This discussion was initiated by Michael Hardt and Toni Negri (H&N) in their book »Empire«, recently been published in Russian and still trading with Ebay for 10 $. An extensive dialogue with the authors arose on the subject of the book »Empire«, which in itself is one aspect of the Altermondialistas movement and the left’s efforts to understand the development primarily of the political order of capitalism since 1989 and to develop a corresponding theoretical language.